Redefining Dental Implantology With Minimally Invasive Technology And Protocols


Become certified in minimally invasive protocols, bone expansion and bending, the new MISL (minimally invasive sinus lift) technique, and more.

Innovative Solutions

Our combination of unique protocols, patented instruments, and ingenious
implants, are redefining implantology. 


Join our local and global communities and develop relationships with experienced Implantologists. Earn while you learn.

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Our Goal Is To Provide A Solution

Our plan starts with partnerships with selected dental offices and then together we re-envision and grow implant dentistry city by city, state by state.

All of our actions, products, services, and prices are formed to achieve a new patient-centric implantology model. We are introducing exciting new technical innovations that break the status quo of traditional implant thinking and will help power our new minimally invasive, patient-centric movement.


Dr. C. Fammatre

Visalia, CA

“This system is easy to use and comprehensive. This is currently the best system for implants, locators and vertical/sinus lifts.”

Dr. F. Correa

Roseville, CA

“As the age of implants has grown so much. The excitement of doing them in the office was great for me, but using different types and not getting much local help it became overwhelming. When IBS came about, it brought help and mentorship with a great product and got rid of that feeling. Kudo’s!”

Dr. S. Salancy

Latrobe, PA

“This implant system is truly a quantum leap in the implant and bone management. The technology is advanced, but easy to use and can be applied immediately into a general dental practice.”

Dr. C. Sommer

Colorado Springs, CO

“It is a breath of fresh air to see an implant system as well “integrated” as IBS. Everything is designed to work together to accomplish multiple tasks. It’s as if it was designed by an engineer not a dentist, or a combination of both mostly wearing his engineer hat.”

Discover the Magic Behind InnoBioSurg Implants