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Mentor Program

Apprenticeships and mentoring are the age-old methods of learning skills. We have formed a peer to peer support program to help new implant dentists to have a nearby sponsor and mentor. There is something quite comforting in knowing that a trusted colleague is nearby with your best interests at heart.

As a dentist begins placing implants they begin seeing more and more patient needs that often exceed their skill set. Now they can have a trusted colleague to whom they can turn.  When mutually agreed, the case can be used as a training opportunity. In other situations, the case may be simply observed as the more experienced dentist performs the advanced procedures. In some cases, the new dentist may simply refer to the entire surgical procedures out to their mentor.

As a new implant dentist walks the path of experience, it may be years of evolution as this process is repeated hundreds of times. The mentor relationship remains solidly focused on self-paced teaching and training and is intended to forge associations that last a lifetime.  The path to starting this mentoring program is with attendance at the Implant Placement course. Welcome to IBSI mentoring.


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