Who We Are

AMII is an international association focused on academics and research while promoting a new standard in patient care. The USA chapter will form in 2019 and is accepting applications for founding members. These members will participate in the Association leadership and help define the other annual membership benefits like course discounts, press, and PR visibility, use of the AMII brand for practice patient publicity, publications, case reviews, industry updates, product discounts, and much more. 

MagiCore Implant

InnoBioSurg Implants and AMII

InnoBioSurg is the exclusive implant sponsor of AMII, and limit the MagiCore implant sales only to AMII members who are certified through live surgery courses.

In addition to providing certifications, the AMII Association will provide advanced credential opportunities which are aligned similarly to other associations: Ambassador, Associate, Fellow, Master, and Diplomat awards.

The Future of AMII

We envision a day in the near future when AMII holds a widely recognized position of leadership and influence for its advocacy and pioneering of minimally invasive patient care. The key milestones on the path to achieving this vision:

  • The Founding members of the Association will be selected and performing advisory roles
  • The USA Chapter of the Association will be formalized
  • Membership invitations will be expanded to experienced implantologist and respected training centers
  • Curriculum and online training will be published as the platform for consistency and standardized certifications
  • A structured mentoring program will begin and provide a standardized path to AMII certification outside of courses. These structured mentoring arrangements will open yet another path for newcomers to receive Certification in local settings and provide mentoring help
  • The formation of AMII user groups and study clubs to foster residency style continuums for advanced credential achievements
  • Patient advertising promoting AMII certified treatments in local areas- both broadcast and web

There is a great amount to accomplish and exciting things to come. There are opportunities large and small to help move this initiative forward. Please let us know if there are areas that you would like to pursue with more involvement. 

We Invite You To Be On The Ground Floor of This Exciting Initiative

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